The Welsh Dobermann Club





  Applicants for membership must either apply in writing or make personal application to the Secretary.  Each name will be considered by the Committee, who reserve the right to refuse membership.

5.           SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Annual Subscriptions which shall become payable on the 1st January in each year shall, until further notice be:
Joint Membership                                                                         £10.00 per year
(Husband & Wife, Brother & Sister or bona-fide partners)
Single Membership                                                                     £8.00 per year
Junior Membership                                                                      £1.00 per year
(Under 16 )    Junior members are not entitled to vote.
O.A.P.s                                                                                      £5.00 per year
The Committee shall have the power to vary the rate of subscription from time to time as may be deemed suitable, but any such variation must be ratified at an AGM before they can operate.