The Welsh Dobermann Club


Welsh Doberman Club - Single Breed Championship Show - 50th Anniversary

Saturday October 8, 2022 - Royal Welsh Showground- Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, Powys

Judges - Janet and Joe Lobb - Canada

Firstly, we want to thank the WDC for inviting us to your beautiful country to judge your 50th Anniversary show. You were all so friendly, welcoming and helpful. Specialty shows involving our original breed are a great honour and we certainly enjoyed this one. A terrific group of officials and exhibitors and some wonderful Dobies. Originally the event was planned for 2020 and then Covid. We were so pleased to finally get it to work and thanks goes to June Piper for all of her information and communications over the past few years.

General observations we both agreed on, as follows:

We were quite pleased with overall quality of the entry. Although many have the same issues with the front assemblies we've seen in our travels, (a straight and or short upper arm), we were pleased to find smooth transition from neck into shoulders and firm straight toplines (slight slope as req'd). For the most part entries had adequate fill and depth in fronts, loins were strong of correct length, croup filled and proper angled and tailsets correctly placed. There was an abundance of entries with clean well muscled rears producing the driving power we like to see. We would prefer to see head planes more parallel and level in some of the entries , and as well as some stronger forefaces, but in general pleasing expressions were evident. Bites/Dentition good with teeth of proper size and alignment. Only a few missing teeth observed . Masculinity and femininity clearly defined within the sexes and most had sufficient elegance, along with required bone and substance. Movement was efficient and generally clean down and back, with adequate front reach and strong rear driving power. Soundness and condition quite evident with many of the entries and most very well presented. No serious temperment issues found and the majority of entries were confident and alert. Handlers /exhibitors friendly and courteous , with us, and each other. We enjoy our assignments and pleased when exhibitors do as well.

Our eventual top winners in both sexes could compete successfully anywhere in the world.

Judge Joe Lobb - Canada- Dog

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1. Massey & McGeogh’s Manzart Zebedee - A very promising puppy. Good head and expression, already showing ample body. Good angles front and rear. His movement was excellent. overall, proper type.

2. Spink’s Sacaria Wish of Harmony - another good puppy. Head and expression were acceptable. He would benefit with a better front assembly. otherwise he has a straight topline and good tailset. His movement is good, but he lacked reach in front.

Puppy Dog (3,2a)

1. Massey & McGeogh’s Manzart Zebedee

Junior Dog (5)

1. Plowman’s Supeta's Pocketfull of Glory - Very good type. Well developed head, dark eye. Balanced angles front and rear. Short straight back. Proper tail set. His movement is very good.

2. Wright’s Kitado Ever So Funky - Again, we have good type. decent head that could use a little more depth of underjaw. Angles, both front and rear are pleasing. Movement was comparable to the first place dog. A strong second place.

3. Hunt & Filtcroft’s Tuwos Mr Majestik Von Salte

Yearling Dog (1)

1. Bevan’s Khaneve Kryptonite - Full bodied dog. Typical head with decent expression. Strong topline, would prefer it to be a bit smoother. Front and rear angles are in balance, He moved well.

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1. Edyveane’s Jojavik Snowpiercer- This dog caught my eye right away. He has very good breed type. His head is pleasing and well made, expression and eye are good. He has a well fitting arch of neck into shoulder. excellent angles on both ends. His top is very smooth and straight. Movement was smooth and ground covering.

2. Plowman’s Supera's Pocketfull of Glory

3. Young’s Kreiger’s Hunky Dory at Malibray

Limit Dog (7)

1. Samway’s Swnydwr Wassap - A very useful dog. Proper size. His head and expression is pleasing. Angles front and rear are balanced. Topline is straight and smooth. very good tail set. He moved well both down and back and around the ring. A worthy winner of his class.

2. Santoriello’s Rafthouse Amulets Child - I will start with this dog was a very close second. He gives you a pretty good picture to work with. His head is ok, he has good expression. I would like a bit more length of muzzle. overall he has a very good fitting neck into shoulder, a strong topline and well set tail. His movement was very good.

3. Thorn’s Grafmax Sergeant Pepper

Open Dog (5, 2a)

1. Woodhouse’s - Jojavik Master Cutler - When I looked at him, my first thought was "What a beautiful dog" . His head is very clean, his eye is dark and correctly made. His long neck is well arched and correctly fits into his shoulder. He has a clean, well angulated front assembly that is well filled out. his topline is smooth and straight, excellent croup and tailset. He is well bodied up and has great ribbing. His loin is the right length. He has wonderful turn of stifle. His hocks are well let down.

On the move he set himself apart from the others. His down and back was textbook. His side gait was effortless and ground covering. To cap it all off, he presented himself with style and confidence. He filled my eye.

My CC for this specialty. Best in Show

2. Robinson’s Korifey Ivan - This is a very good dog. He makes a great picture standing there. Proper head and expression, good length of neck. He is well bodied up. His front and rear angles are balanced. His topline is straight and his tailset is set on properly. When in motion, he covers ground very well. Overall a very pleasing package.

3. Robertson’s Cockneyoka Dire Straits

Champion Dog (5)

1. Webb’s Multi/Int CH.Shalissa's Siriusly Costly (AI) JW Bel Jun Ch Istra W21 - A mature dog with excellent breed type. He is in good hard condition. He has a proper head with very good expression. His well arched neck fits nicely into his correctly angled shoulder, well filled in front. As a mature dog, he is bodied up with great depth. His topline is straight and smooth, well ribbed back with a short loin, correct croup. Rear angle matches the front and this in turn produced a very pleasing down and back, his sidegait was exceptional. he pressed my CC winner for the top spot.


2. Jones & Ushakova’s CH.Korifey Vanquish - A very eye appealing dog. Shown in great condition. He has a correct head and a pleasing expression. His neck placement was correct. Angles were balanced. He has a smooth, straight topline and correct croup. He had a very good down and back. Side gait was very pleasing.

3. Evans’ CH Kitado’s Vengeance is Mine JW

I would like to take the time to express my view that these four dogs from the Open and Champion classes were Exceptional. A real credit to their breeding programs.

Veteran Dog (2, 1a)

1. Tyler’s Ch/Lux Ch Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW ShCM - A dog approaching 8 years of age. All male, powerfully built. Well bodied up. Lovely dark eye and expression. Lots of angles front and rear. Straight,hard topline. proper croup. This dog has outstanding side gait. He was a little loose on front. This dog makes you look at him

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