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Special Awards Classes

Judge: Sandy Lipman

Welsh Dobermann Club 8/10/2022

Special Awards

Judge Mrs Sandy Lipman (Lisvane)

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge the special awards at their Championship Show. Such a shame that by the time allocated most of the exhibits had gone home. Notwithstanding I still had three quality specimens to go over. A big thankyou to the exhibitors for kindly hanging on for me to assess their lovely dogs

Class A Special Award Puppy (5/4) 1. Taylor & Straceys Krieger’s In Style Nicely proportioned 7 month black bitch, standing confidently and displaying well used ears on a head having correct head planes, dark almond shaped eyes, a lovely long foreface and good set of teeth, on a showy arched neck. Straight legs with elbows tucked under her deep brisket and filled front. Neat tight feet, a good top line and tuck up, in gleaming coat, presenting a pleasing outline. Did not disappoint on the move as she drove freely around the ring.

Class B Special Award Post Graduate (3/2) 1. Laffords Lateagain Wild Heart Avec Sariandobes lovely brown yearling bitch having inquisitive hazel eyes on her wedge shaped head of correct planes, good and complete scissor bite with ears set high. A strong neck flowing into good shoulders, slightly sloping top line and correct tail set. Good bone on straight legs with nicely muscled rear assembly enabling free motion, reaching at the front and driving from behind.

Class C Special Award Open (2/1) Groves & Laffords Lateagain Satisfaction JW SHCEx 6 year old, all male, well muscled black boy, having keen alert expressive dark eyes and correct mouth. A strong balanced head and neck with good slope of shoulder, filled front and plenty of depth with well sprung ribs. Developed thigh, good tuck up and rear angulation, shown in all over hard condition yet so elegant and smooth on the move. Very pleasing to go over.


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