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The Welsh Dobermann Club
Championship Breed Club Show
19th August 2022

A very sincere thank you to the officers and committee of the club for their very kind invitation to judge. A huge honour especially as I am not a breed specialist. To the exhibitors your support was very much appreciated and I had some very lovely dogs to judge. Decisions have to be made but truly it was a case of splitting hairs, always very satisfying as a judge. All had super sound temperaments
My co judge and I were in total agreement with the final awards. In each challenge in stance we were both very pleased with the two exhibits in front of us, however the bitches just having that extra firmness and flow on the move at the end of a very long day. The veteran dog did ensure it was not a complete whitewash for the girls!
Finally a big thank you to my two stewards and everyone who made the show possible
1 Grose’s – Cajiek Bewildered –lovely young puppy of just 7mths. Would not want him any bigger. Lovely bone, medium neck into a good topline and medium rear angulation. Feet could be tighter. Profile just off balance in rear, at the moment but sure that will correct itself in the weeks to come. He has a lovely wedge head, good lengths, alert well shaped dark eyes. Moved really well, co-ordinated action. He just needs time and experience
Four lovely puppies
1 Henderson’s – Tuwos Mr Bombastic RAF,NAF – 10mths and very much together in his development. Liked for size and type. Clean, balanced compact body shape, Strong neck, would prefer touch more length, into good topline. Strong parallel limbs with good bone. Feet could be better. Head in proportion, good shape and lengths, would prefer slightly less stop. Super dark almond eyes. Sound free action, drove well in rear maintaining a clean body shape. BPD and RBPIS
2 Reynolds and Evans – Zenith Go Insane – 10mths – Slightly smaller all through but again of quality. Clean profile, good angulation in rear. Tends to stand a touch wide in front. Pleasing feet and bone. Preferred his length of neck. Good wedged head, slight stop. Super dark almond eyes. Moves well, balanced even gait, good length of stride.
3 Tyler’s – Jojavik Bombs Away At Asteri
1 Evans - Lateagain Heart Of Fire – Very nice quality at 13mths. For a male would like another inch but so very well formed. Clean compact shape, well balanced. Good angulation front and rear with a good reach of neck. Super topline. Strong parallel limbs. Feet could be tidier. Balanced head, dark almond eyes. Moved as he was made, free sound gait with a good length of stride and power in rear.
2 Young’s – Krieger’s Hunky Dory At Malibray – also of 13mths. Litter brother of Highland Fling and our BIS winner – his time will come! Pushed 1 hard. Preferred his size, slightly heavier all through but again well made. Good bone and feet. Well carried head and neck, with pleasing angulation front and rear. Head handled well, good lengths muzzle to skull. Dark alert eyes. Sound but not quite as positive as 1 today. Felt he needed a slightly quicker pace.
3 Grose’s – Cajiek Bewildered
Yrly D
1 Robertson’s – Cockneyoka Dire Straits – 23mths – Another with so much to like. Good sized male, compact, strong but not course, lovely build, shape and outline. Parallel limbs, good feet and bone. Strong topline. Would like slightly less filling under eyes, head of good wedge, muzzle to skull lengths. Lovely dark almond eyes. Went well on the move, good length of stride, balanced co-ordinated action.
2 Evan’s Lateagain Heart Of Fire
No entries
Plenty of quality in this well supported class
1 Woodhouse’s – Jojavik Master Cutler – Striking male of 2yrs – more mature and balanced than others of his age. In tip top condition, liked his weight, coat and muscle. Good sized male, strong not course, Profile was clean, well balanced, compact, length and carriage of neck added that elegance. Pleasing angulation, mature in chest and rib, short strong loin. Well boned parallel limbs standing on good feet. Super head, ear, eye and expression, so alert which gave that extra crispness to overall shape. Controlled enthusiasm on the move, carried himself well . Flowed around the ring, sound action, plenty of reach and drive. Pleased to award him the CC and later BOSIS
2 Merrett’s – Xemuti Beamish Boy – 3yrs. Slightly smaller, lovely clean balanced profile and is very well made and proportioned all through. Neat tight feet. Good depth of chest, good length and carriage of neck. He too has a lovely head and expression. Also pleasing in body weight, muscle and coat. Quite sound on the move, just not quite the verve as 1 and lost a touch in forward reach
3 Thorn’s – Grafmax Sergeant Pepper

1 Robinson’s - Korifey Ivan – 3yrs and matured into a very handsome lad. Clean compact, balanced profile with good angulation front and rear, Good chest and rib, strong short loin. Lovely neck and carriage. Tends to stand slightly wide in front but no issues coming towards on the move. Stands on parallel limbs, well boned, good feet. Clean, balanced head, well shaped and length. Lovely dark eyes, so alert. Powered around the ring, kept a sound balanced gait, covering plenty of ground. Very hard muscular condition. Well deserved RCC
2 Oaklands - Tuwos Liusaidh – 2yrs. Another with so much to like. Very similar quality as 1. Looks good in profile with good size, shape and construction. Just preferred the slightly cleaner head flow, skull to muzzle of 1. Lovely dark eyes. Moved soundly, free easy stride retaining a good body carriage.

Champion D
Three very worthy champions and I very much appreciated a chance of “hands on”
They had to be separated, standing and hands on very little to split them, on the move the winner just gave that extra
1 Jones and Ushakova – CH Korifey Vanquish – Same sire/breeder of my open winner and explained why in the challenge it was either or! Just 2yrs and of the same stamp and quality. He is very well constructed with a clean head, neck and topline, giving a balanced compact shape with a touch of elegance. Pleasing head and eye. Made right and moved accordingly. Good forward reach with power in rear, sound always he too flowed.
2 Taylor’s – CH Krieger’s Foul Play
3 Tyler’s – CH /LUX CH Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW ShCM – Best Veteran in Show

Marion Hodgson Judge


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