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Bitch Critique

Thank you to the Welsh Dobermann Club for giving me the opportunity to judge my breed at this level for the first time, I really enjoyed my day.
Quality was very mixed throughout the classes but all temperaments were excellent, though quite a few could have been in harder condition.
In my opinion the eventual CC winner was absolutely outstanding, destined to be one of the greats.

MInor Puppy (5 entries, 1 absent). A good class with some lovely pups.
1st Ingram, Ingram & Lacks Jojavik Belladonic Fame. A beautiful 6 month old black/rust puppy with excellent bone and substance. A lovely long, strong well shaped head, dark almond shaped eyes giving correct expression. Well angulated shoulders, good length of neck nice tight feet. Even at this young age she has great depth of chest, strong top line and a clean outline. Very well schooled, moved well for such a young pup.
2nd Taylor & Stracey Krieger’s In Style. Another 6 month old pup of lovely breed type. Again a lovely head and expression, well boned, good angulation fore and aft, and in great condition. I liked her very much, just not quite as together as the winner at the moment.
3rd. Reid’s ZZ Dreamgirl v Nobel Line (imp Nor) NAF.

Puppy (6 entries, 2 absent)
1st Jones & Ingram Jojavik Unforgettable. 6 month old gorgeous black and rust pup, litter sister to the winner of previous class. Very similar and most of the same comments apply. If anything I felt this bitch had a slightly more feminine head, and at this stage in their development she has the better rear angulation. Two extremely promising pups who I am sure will change places many times. Best Puppy bitch, and in agreement with my co-judge Best Puppy In Show.
2nd. Reynolds & Evans Zenith Beautiful Child. 10 month old feminine bitch who was giving her handler a hard time (we have all been there!). Very well shaped head with correct eye shape (though could be a bit darker) giving that breed typical expression. Well off for bone, with good tight feet. Well angulated both ends with a nice outline. Not as collected as the winner on the move.
3rd. Robert sons Cockneyoka Ventura.

Junior (4 entries, 1 absent).
1st Bislands Krieger’s Highland Fling. Outstanding dark brown/rust 14 month bitch, the star of the show. Long strong well shaped head, dark almond shaped eyes giving her an excellent expression. Good length of neck which flowed seamlessly into her well angulated shoulders. Lovely fore chest without exaggeration. Strong bone, very good front, good tight feet. Lovely depth of chest, rock solid top line and well angulated hindquarters. She presented the correct square outline combining strength and elegance. Very well handled and moved with real reach and drive with accurate footfall. Overall she is a superb example of the breed, my CC winner, and I’m sure will go on to continued success. Very pleased that my co- judge was in complete agreement to make her Best In Show.
2nd. Laffords Lateagain Wild Heart Alec Sariandobes. Another 14 month old brown/rust bitch from a slightly smaller mould than the winner. Nice compact outline and was well angulated both ends. She had a feminine head but not quite the classic expression of 1st. Ears rather large. Very good forechest and sound front. Moved well.
3rd Pollards Manzart Yuliana at Whizzbean.

Yearling (4 entries, 2 absent)
1st Lateagain Wild Heart Alec Sariandobes (2nd in prev class)
2nd. Robin sons Vivat de Vinson Vendetta for Korifey (imp Rus). Rather tall 15 month black/rust bitch who at this stage in her development is all legs. She needs time to grow into her frame and stacked she appeared to need a bit more angulation both ends. Strong head with good eye shape and nice expression, moved soundly, just needs time.

Post Graduate (3 entries).
1st. Merritt’s Grafmax Titania. Almost 2 year old black/rust bitch. Standard size bitch which is no bad thing when many seemed at the top end of the standard. Well shaped head with dark almond eye, just a wee touch too deep in stop. She had a well developed forechest and a strong top line. Good strong hindquarters and she moved very well , keeping her outline. Very well handled.
2nd. Hunts Jojavik Express Yourself at Virsco. Almost 2 year old black/rust bitch. A big, strongly built girl, carrying too much weight and had a slack underline (just finished a phantom season). She had a well shaped head, dark almond eye and a good typical expression. Well developed deep chest, good strong top line, well angulated both ends and moved ok once settled.
3rd. Goodwins Supetas Perfect Rose.

Limit (3 entries, 1 absent).
1st. Freer & McCalls Diego’s Doris Day. A beautiful 2 year old black/rust girl of excellent breed type. I liked her head, long strong wedge shape, nice dark almond shape eye. Good length of neck leading into well angulated shoulders. Strong straight top line. Adequate forechest, good depth and clean underline with good tuckup. Unfortunately her handler struggled a bit and wasn’t able to let this girl move out as her construction suggests she can. A contender for higher honours.
2nd. McCall & Murray’s Diego’s Debbie Harry. Litter sister to above, two lovely bitches. This girl was stronger all through than 1st and perhaps not quite as feminine. Well shaped head beautiful expression. Slightly straighter in shoulder than her sister which meant her neck didn’t flow as smoothly into her topline. Very good strong movement but giving her handler a hard time standing and on the move, both girls of very good breed type.

Open (9 entries, 2 absent). I found this a difficult class with some nice dogs of very different types.
1st. Pilgrims Swynydwr Snapchat at Woodbriar. 4 year old black/ rust bitch. Standard size very stylish bitch, lovely shaped head with good muzzle length, nice eye and expression, very feminine. Excellent forechest, well boned legs and tight feet. Correct angulation both ends giving her a lovely outline though ideally I would prefer her slightly shorter. She came into her own on the move, very accurate footfall, great reach and drive and handled superbly to get the very best out of her. Her movement won her the class and the Res CC. In agreement with co judge she also went Res BIS.
2nd. Evans Amazon Show Me Heaven. 2 year old Black/rust bitch I liked a lot. Strong compact girl with a lovely outline. She had a well shaped head and eye giving typical expression. Well developed forechest, strong bone and tight feet. Strong topline, well angulated both ends, she moved well but without the verve of 1st.
3rd. Murray & McCall Manrio Galataya.
Champion (2 entries, 1 absent)
1st. Ingram & Henderson Multi Ch. Jojavik Devils a Ivy. 4 year old black/rust very feminine bitch. Nice head, good eye shape and colour. Well developed forechest with good depth, well off for bone with tight feet. Strong topline, well angulated both ends though when stacked she appears slightly over angulated in rear. Moved well but too fast which put her off balance at times. A very good typical girl.

Veteran (3 entries, 2 absent).
1st Tyler’s Ch Chancepixies Angelina. A 9 year old brown/ rust bitch I have judged and liked in her younger days. A real credit to her owners, at 9 she was in better condition than many of the younger exhibits here today. Beautiful long strong well shaped head with excellent expression. Good depth of chest, strong bone and tight feet. A very compact girl, moved with plenty of vigour. Roaching her topline a wee bit and had to give way to her younger kennel mate for best veteran in show.

Scott Wright

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