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Welsh Dobermann Club Open Show - 29.4.18 

Many thanks to The Welsh Dobermann Club committee for their much appreciated invitation to judge at their club Open Show. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and superb Welsh slate engraved plaque which has pride of place on my Welsh dresser, of course, and will be a lovely reminder of a great day. Also thanks to my two stewards who helped the day run smoothly. I must also thank all of the exhibitors for their sportsmanship in accepting my decisions. All exhibits had excellent temperaments and were a delight to go over, one or two enjoying their day a little more than perhaps their handlers would have preferred!

MPD (3).

1. Jones Korifey Dark Knight, black and rust, 7 months old, correct proportions, head, scissor bite, topline and tailset correct, moved well, strong bone, tight feet, good angles front and rear, expertly handled., RBPIS.

2. Edyveane's Jojavik Victor Rizzi at Kateamead, brown and rust, 8 months old, larger and heavier set than 1, good head, scissor bite, neck, topline, angles, moved out well once settled.

3. Jones Viemar All Eyes On Me. PD (2, 1) 1.  Payne's Khaneve Black Ice at Riddinca, 11 month old black and rust dog, quite excited by his surroundings but once settled moved well, masculine, head, scissor bite, dark eyes, correct earset, good neck, topline and tailset, correct movement coming and going.

JD (4, 2)

1.  Webb's Shalissa's Siriusly Costly (AI), 13 months old black and rust dog with correct angulation and topline, nice head with correct dark eyes, earset, scissor bite, pleasing expression, overall a good shape, handled well.

2. Richardson's Jasprico French Rebellion. 12months old black and rust dog, smaller than 1, straight front but chest needs to develop, good feet and correct rear angulation.

YD (1)

Santoriello's Korifey Amulet JW, 18 moth old brown and rust dog, masculine head, great expression, correct ears, eye shape and colour, correct topline, well off for size, nice feet, good angulation.

ND (2, 1)

1. Khaneve Black Ice at Riddinca. GD (1) Shalissa's Siriusly Costly (AI). PGD (4, 1) 1. Groves and Lafford's  Lateagain Satisfaction JW 18 month old black and rust compact dog, good head, earset, scissor bite, neck, shoulders, topline and tailset, moved well.

2. Schneider's Shantock Moon River, 3 year old larger black and rust male, pleasing head, correct eye shape and colour good, not the topline of 1 but good front and rear angles, moved ok.

3. Salsbury and Ralph's Monarkle Space Cadet.

LD (6, 2)

1. Pieter's Supeta's Will Eye Am Tuffenuff JW Sh CM, now 5 years old, lovely black and rust dog, expertly handled, super head with correct eye shape, ear set and dentition, well muscled, straight front, correct forechest, topline, good angulation, moved well. RBD.

2. Kuhl's Holyhells Blue Steel JW IR JCH GW17 (imp), another large black and rust dog with correct head, dark eyes, correct scissor bite, nice feet, good angles, dog in excellent condition

. 3. Snell, Jones and Mycroft's Supeta's Pandemonium at Korifey

. OD (3,1)

1. Tyler's Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW ShCM, 3 year old black and rust powerful dog, correct head with pleasing expression, dark eyes, correct earset and  scissor bite, excellent topline, tailset, angulation, moved powerfully around the ring, expertly handled. BD, RBIS.

2. Caldicott's Amazon Russian Roulette with Philmont JW, 5 year old male, overall a nice picture but carrying a little extra weight, good head, eye colour and shape, correct scissor bite, correct front, tight feet and good angles.

MPB (6, 1a)

1. Caffel and Kavanagh's Doberway Repeat After Me, just 6 months old but what a little star, so well handled to bring out the best in her, excellent type, so pretty with a lovely head , correct dentition, beautifully shaped eyes and earset super topline, tailset and carriage, good angulation, moves well. BPB, BPIS.

2. Tousent & Ingram's Jojavik Camorra, 8 months old slightly larger bitch, correct head and expression, strong neck, correct topline, moved well, preferred the front on 1.

3. Williams Newfords Whiskey Lullaby.

PB (1)

Tyler's Nyx Asteri Wot A Thriller (imp Fra) 10 months old black and rust bitch with correct head proportions, dark eyes good earset, good top and underline but a little narrow in front

. JB (7, 3) 1. Morgan's Korifey Opium, beautiful, feminine black and rust bitch, good proportions, correct topline and angulation, lovely expression, correct eye shape and colour, scissor bite, moved out well

. 2. Webb's Shalissa's Siriusly Stunin (AI) 14 month old black and rust bitch with good head and dentition, correct front and angles, topline and tailset, well handled. Just preferred the extra touch of femininity of 1. Nonetheless a very nice bitch.

3. Richardson's Jasprico Flower Bomb.

YB (2)

1. Ingram's Jojavik Forget Me Not JW ShCM very nice black and rust bitch, lovely head and expression, correct topline, tailset, forechest, underline and angulation, well muscled, moved out well and expertly handled.

2 Groves Lateagain Falling For You, smaller than 1 but a very nice bitch also, topline and underline, front and rear angles correct, moved well.

NB (4)

1. Doberway Repeat After Me.

2. Jojavik Camorra.

3. Jasprico Flower Bomb.

GB. (2) 1

. Shalissa's Siriusly Stunin (AI).

2. Caldicott's Aritaur On A Mission to Philmont JW, 20 month old substantial black and rust bitch, strong head, dark eyes of correct shape, scissor bite, moved well, correct angles

PGB (3, 1)

1. Wilson's Granadeya Val Veny at Pursang, 2 years old black and rust good looking bitch, nice head with feminine expression, correct scissor bite, earset and eye colour, good topline and underline, correct tail set, good angulation, well handled.

2. Groves Jasdekoma Hot Fudge, 3 year old brown and rust bitch, correct eye colour, scissor bite and earset, topline and tailset, moved a little close behind, preferred head and expression of winner.

LB (9, 5a).

1 Jones Korifey Treasure JW, eyecatching brown and rust 18 month old bitch, handled superbly, well balanced and with correct angles, feminine head, correct ear shape, dentition and eye colour, firm topline and tailset, moved well RBB.

2. Kuhl's Newfords Linda Lovelace JW AW16, 4 years old black and rust bitch, not quite the elegance of 1 but very well put together with correct  firm topline, angulation and tailset, moved nicely.

3. Massey's Jojavik Kissy Suzuki ShCM.

OB (7, 3)

1. Ingram's Ch Jojavik Penelope Pitstop JW ShCM, beautiful 3 year old black and rust bitch, a super example of this breed of which I am sure the owners are justly proud, she did giver her handler a tough time but once settled moved out effortlessly in typical fashion, holding her topline well. Lovely head and expression, clean neck, firm but slightly sloping topline, correct front and rear angulation, well presented. BB, BIS.

2. Groves Lateagain Heart Of Gold, 4 year old black and rust bitch, correct eye colour and shape, correct topline and tailset, good forechest, rear angles, moved well

. Vet (7, 4) 1. Caffel and Kavanagh's Ch Doberway Chito Achaffa JW Sh CM, 7 years old black and rust dog, super head with correct earset, eye colour and shape, correct topline and underline, well muscled, very good angulation, moved out well and handled sympathetically, BVIS.

2. Ingram's Ch Tronjheim Belladonna from Jojavik, 8 years old lovely black and rust bitch, little bit of a handful today, made her handler work hard. Preferred the calmness and outlook on life of 1.

3. Thorn's BE/NL Ch Grafmax Louis Armstrong ShCM RL1EX.

Lynne Scott

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