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Judge: Hollie Kavanagh (Doberway)
Remesca Rosinni JW
Ch. Jojavik Midnight Express JW
Kodam Proper Gander
Ch. Jojavik Poison Ivy JW ShCM
Remesca’s Reet Petite
Newford Linda Lovelace
Ch. Jojavik Poison Ivy JW ShCM
Remesca’s Reet Petite
Remesca Rosinni JW
Kodam Proper Gander


1. MPD (2)...
1st Morgan’s Newfords Moves like Jagger
2nd Wiggins’ Swnydwr Fernando
2. P.D. (1)
1ST Wetherall’s Kodam Propa Gander
3. J.D. (2) 1abs
1st Quigley, Day & Pipe’s Swnydwr Double Take
4. Yearling Dog (3) 1 abs
1st Reids’ Nerak American Idol
2nd Fisher’s Jojavik Elita Mafia
5. Novice Dog no entries
6. Graduate Dog (4) 1 abs
1st Wetherall’s Kodam Propa Gander
2nd Riches’ Newfords Fahrenheit
8. Limit Dog (3)
1st Brough’s Remesca Rosinni JW
2nd Norman & Hickling’s Neartic Time Lord
3rd Morgan’s Ebrill Hell Has No Fury JW
9. Open Dog (3) 1 abs
1st Ingram’s Ch. Jojavik Midnight Express JW
2nd Gallagher’s Izralight Zorro JW ShCM
10 Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Hickling’s Evalesco Voodoo Child
2nd Quigley, Day & Piper’s Swnydwr’s Dancing Queen
11. Puppy Bitch (1)
1st Wilkinson’s Newford Linda Lovelace

12. Junior Bitch (2) 1 abs
1st Tyler’s Chancepixies Angelena
13. Yearling – no entries

14. Novice Bitch (1)
1st Wilkinson’s Newford Linda Lovelace
15. Graduate Bitch (1) 1abs
16. Post Graduate Bitch (3)
1st Robinson’s Remesca’s Reet Petite
2nd Thorne’s Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax JW ShCM
3rd Gallagher’s Izralight Sugarbabe JW ShCM
17. Limit Bitch (6)
1st Nicholl-Jones & Griffin’s Supeta’s Jessie’J into Kyricia
2nd Fisher’s Dronski Adele at Lintoya
3rd Ingram’s Jojavik Constanzia JW ShCM
18. Open Bitch (4)
1st Ingram’s Ch. Jojavik Poison Ivy JW ShCM
2nd Mycroft’s Ch. Supeta’s Spells Trouble JW ShCM
3rd Williams’ Willhelmus Reine Katerina
19. Veteran Dog or Bitch no entries

Big well done to all winners and thank you to exhibitors for supporting our show and also those who took part in our first Comanion Dog Show in aid of Dobermann Welfare and Save our Hearts, judged by Sadie Evans.
Thank you to all the committee who worked so hard on the day and to Alan Roberts and Brenda Evans who helped out with the Companion Dog Show.


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