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05/10/14. DOGS.

Dobermanns - Thank you to the Welsh Dobermann Club for allowing me the honour of judging at your happy and well run show, and to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge your dogs. All were in good condition with confident temperaments. It was hard to find really masculine exciting males which still had elegance and correct construction, and there were some very untypical heads with round back skulls and short, thin forefaces which resembles nothing like a wedge head. Dentition is generally very good.  There were some highly undesirable roach backed or sway-backed dogs held together with bait and a tail push, although tail set and carriage was good overall.  Wide front movement and untidy pasterns in many dogs is poor, and being fat and overloaded does not help a dog move cleanly. I was happy with the many virtues of my winners although I agreed with my co-judge for BIS was Ch Jojavik Poison Ivy JW, ShCM, and RBIS to Ch Amazon Cartier JW.

MPD (3).
1 Froomes Newfords Krime Scene. A great start to the day with this promising compact, well boned 6 mth bl/r. Very dark, keen well shaped eyes and clear, dark rust markings. Long correctly proportioned head; hope he keeps his clean skull, good muzzle proportions.  Clean neck, very well laid shoulders and equal upper arm length, short firm back, croup low but may fill. Just enough projection behind the tail, a little more turn of stifle would complete the balance. Moved very steadily and cleanly with good drive from rear. Very nice type.
2 Zalucki’s Eick Z Padoku. Another promising 6.5 months square and smart pup, more up on leg. Could be longer in foreface to proportion head but has good breadth and depth of muzzle. Medium stop, very dark eye. Strong topline although also low at croup, straight in shoulder but good return placing elbows tight to ribs and well set under body. Rear angulation is equal to front which could have slightly more turn of angulation both ends, but is balanced on the move which is steady and very true. 3. Newfords Kid Rock
PD(5) 1. Moore, McPhee & Jones Korifey Onyx. Square, well boned, elegant 9 mth bl/r. Long head v dark eye, parallel planes, good u/j. Could have more fill under eye and muzzle substance to complete masculinity of the head. Clean neck, best shoulder layback and although upper arm is equal in length it is straight. Good topline well held on move, exc tailset and plenty behind it. Well angulated rear with ample to tighten up on. Good bone, tight feet. Moved cleanly, didn’t put a foot wrong Narrowly beaten by his sister for BP.
2. Quigley’s Swnydwr Double Take. Square, smart 9 mth bl/r with good substance. Clean head with parallel planes, medium stop and well shaped dark eye. Good u/jaw and vg breadth across nose, more depth of muzzle would complete the head. Shoulder a little straight with enough return of upper arm which could be longer. Strong topline although a little low from top of pelvis to tail but plenty behind tail, good feet and if he stood up more on his feet and pasterns it would give more nobility to his stance.  Moved true and held topline well on the move.
3. Brock’s Supeta’s Revenge is Sweet for Truvel
JD (5, 2a)
Reid’s Nerak American Idol. Correct medium sized. Square, smart, elegant but well boned 14 mth bl/r. Pleasing, long, elegant head with parallel planes, dark eyes, vg muzzle in depth and breadth with equal length of skull to foreface ok underjaw, flat cheeks. Markings clear but could be darker. Clean neck, slightly heavy over shoulder but topline otherwise clean. Super upper arm return with balanced rear angulation and plenty behind the tail.  Very tight elbows kept well in on the move which was amongst the cleanest of the day with balanced reach and drive.  Considered for higher awards which he will undoubtedly achieve, but he isn’t quite ready yet.
2. Wilkinson’s Newfords Jabbawocky. Square, compact and correct sized 13 mth bl/r of good type. Back-skull clean but more muzzle in all aspects would complete the masculinity of the head. Medium stop, dark eye of good shape and clean cheeks. Slight throatiness on neck, shoulder good, excellent return to upper arm which was of correct equal length giving tight elbows well set under body. Topline very good apart from a little untidiness before the tail.  Moved out well with good balance, reach and drive lost out on being slightly wide towards.  Clean dark rust markings and excellent feet.
3. Bell’s Martifers Pot Noodle JW
YD (7, 2a)
1. Clarkson’s Jojavik Deadly Nightshade at Glamadring. Solidly built 18 mth bl/r.
Back-skull ok, dark well shaped eye well filled under to flat cheeks and good muzzle depth and breadth. Long, strong neck onto slightly straight shoulder which could have better return to nearly equal length of upper arm, well sprung ribs, strong bone and excellent feet. Good topline, tailset and excellent projection behind the tail. Although he could be tidier coming to, covered the ground with balance, drive and vigour.
2. Waldie’s Vonedstram Vantash. Ultra compact 20 mth br/m. Clean head with parallel planes and plenty of muzzle depth and breadth to balance to balance to skull. Eye could be darker but well filled under. Very straight shoulder lacking return to upper arm which was of nearly equal length. High tuck up, exc topline and tailset and plenty behind the tail down to well developed strong back end with good turn of stifle. Tight feet all around. Moved well and better than his angulation suggested he would, with true tracking and no deviation out and back.
3. King’s Nerak American Dream
ND (4,1a)
1. Moore, McPhee & Jones Korifey Onyx
2. Wilkinson’s Newfords Jabbawocky
3. Dzuba’s Korifey Jet at Zajonti
UGD (4)
1. Clarkson’s Jojavik Deadly Nightshade at Glamadring
2. Wilkinson’s Newfords Jabbawocky
3. King’s Nerak American Dream
GD (2)
1. King’s Nerak American Dream 14 mth well boned br/r. Head planes parallel, eye colour good but could be tighter shape, well filled under. Back skull ok, good muzzle width, depth and breadth. Shoulder ok, upper arm short and could be better returned but elbows well tucked in.  Very clean topline, onto tidy croup and perfectly correct tailset as a continuation of the spine. Plenty behind the tail and good turn of stifle. Front assembly could all shift back a little which would cover some of the extent of the ribbing. Moderate tuck up.  Pleasing turn of stifle and strong thighs.  Great feet, well marked.
2. Riches’ Newfords Fahrenheit. Square, standard sized 15 mth bl/r. Almost parallel head planes with good clean skull, medium stop, light eye and more foreface needed in all aspects to complete masculinity of head. Shoulder ok with good return of upper arm of nearly equal length. Short, firm back with ok topline, well sprung and deep ribs.  Could have more projection behind the tail but good turn of stifle balanced to front angulation. Elbows kept ok in on the move but could have put his well muscled back end to better use by driving through more on the move which lacked energy.
PGD (7, 3a)
1. Brough’s Remesca’s Rossini. Square, upstanding and stylish 19 mth br/r. Long, clean head with parallel planes, correct eye shape but slightly light rimmed, well filled under to flat cheeks and tight lips. Clean, strong, long neck to slightly upright shoulders which are slightly heavy over the top.  Return of upper arm was ok, but equal length was one of the best today, giving tight elbows close to brisket and well set under body which had good short ribbing and short loin.  Excellent topline, tailset, plenty behind the tail with vg width of thigh, good turn of stifle with strong parallel hocks. Moved steady and true but rather went through the motions and would like to see more panache which may have taken him further today.
2. Cottingham’s Chancepixies Yahoo. Square, correct medium sized, compact and hard condition nearly 2 yr bl/r. Best wedge head of the day which many would benefit from  understanding; please seek this dog out to review his. Very clean back-skull with correct equal length of muzzle which is of excellent width and depth. Medium stop giving correct eye shape of very dark colour which is very well filled under to flat cheeks, clean flews, and strong underjaw. Regrettably his body wasn’t as good and although the shoulder was quite well laid and the chest was deep, the front assembly all needs to come back under the body, because the topline was unsupported and it did not hold firm over the loin on the move. Plenty behind the tail and well turned stifle and strong hocks which were used well on the move. This dog also had the best rich rust markings of the day. Very good type.
3. Evan’s Jojavik Dumbeldore JW
MLD (2) Two very different styles of dog in this class.
1. Wilson/Simpson/Harkness Jeujaans Icaro Dittorio. Impressive, square, very short coupled 3.5 yr bl/r well up on leg. Skull could be cleaner, excellent foreface in depth and breadth, would be ideal with more length. Medium stop gives correctly shaped very dark eye with good fill under to flat cheeks.  Long, strong neck, straight shoulders and not enough return to upper arm but are of good equal length. Deep chest to well tucked in elbows. Very strong back which when calm and relaxed is very good but roaches for bait. Plenty behind tail with strong hindquarters and hocks used well on the move which was ground covering, balanced and very clean coming to.
2. Cox’s Zeloviak Endeavour JW correct medium size, masculine, 3 yr bl/r. Pleasing head with ok backskull, more length and depth of muzzle would complete the head balance. Medium stop, medium dark well shaped eye. Very good length of neck, fairly well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm which was nearly of equal length meeting well let down brisket with well sprung ribs and medium tuck up. Topline was not strong and did not hold firmly on the move. Well developed back end and strongly boned down to tight feet.  Clear and rich rust markings. Good reach and drive but approaches wide and pasterns could be stronger.
LD (6)
1. Robertson’s Cockneyoka Highlander JW.  DCC/BOS Square, very masculine bl/r with style. Strong, arrogant head with correct length and equal proportions of skull to foreface. Dark eyes slightly deep set but well filled under to flat cheeks, correct stop, great depth and width of muzzle with solid underjaw. Tighter lips without the drop at the nose would make the head excellent. Shoulders ok, enough return to equal length of upper arm with elbows tucked tightly into deep, strong chest. Clean topline and tailset with well developed hindquarters and good turn of stifle. Clear, dark markings and tight feet. Everything held together on the move which is free, strong and true with good reach and drive on side gait, balanced with perfect footfall and no deviation from tracking in any aspect. Liked his attitude and showmanship and turned out in super firm, fit condition.
2. Downie’s Knecht Marek. Square, upstanding nearly 2 year old bl/r. Excellent head  with equal proportion skull to foreface which had good width, breadth and length and one of the best underjaws of the day. Very dark well shaped eye with keen expression, well filled under. Strong, clean neck, shoulder upright but had good length of upper arm placing tight elbows well under the body. Well marked with excellent feet. Hard topline and vg tailset.  Hindquarters very well muscled and balanced angulation to front which at both ends could be better turned. Movement was vigorous but untidy which lost him marks.
3. Wilkinson’s Newfords Eleventh Hour
OD (8)
1. Richardson’s Jasprico Jazz Master Flash JW ShCM. RCC. Nearly 3 year old square, very smart bl/r.  HEAD…Good wedge, clean skull well proportioned to muzzle proportions from above. Dark well shaped eye, filled under to clean cheeks.  
Correct length of upper arm to shoulder Very clean topline held well on the move, and particularly good width of second thigh onto strong hocks which gave a lot of drive from behind. Moved freely and steadily with excellent reach and drive. His overall type compactness and substance tipped him for top awards, very narrowly beaten by the LD, on head planes which drop off slightly at back skull, and is slightly wide in coming towards. Lost to the LD by a narrow margin in the challenge which he could have been more on his toes for. Another hard choice in the class was for #2. Jones’ Ch Amazon Russian Ice JW. Very smart and shapely 5 yr old bl/r balanced throughout and in peak condition. Good head length with good proportions of skull to foreface length; to be picky could have a little more foreface length. Parallel head planes, slightly deep stop with a marginally rounder but dark eye well filled under to flat cheeks down to good depth and breadth of muzzle which could have more underjaw. He has the confident and happy attitude in his showing I admire, but his slightly large ears and rounder eye give a rather soft expression. Neck is really clean and shoulders are very well laid with a good return of upper arm. Topline, tailset, behind the tail and width of thigh are all superb as is the matching rear angulation and great feet.  Although he has great reach and drive he was slightly wide coming towards.
3. Evans, Thompson, Butler & Wall’s Ch Amazon Da Vinci JW
VD (1)
Robertson’s Road Sweeper Trigger at Cockneyoka. Square, strong, medium sized 9½ yr bl/r. Medium stop with equal length foreface to muzzle, dark, correctly shaped eye well filled under to strong flat cheeks. Slightly throaty but good length of neck, and very clean shoulders with correct return and equal length of upper arm with legs well set under. Topline has dropped a great deal since I last judged him 5 years ago when it was very firm. Very good tailset and still has strong back end used well on the move which was of the cleanest all day, tracking true with no deviation at all.  Stood alone and didn’t have the sparkle to outshine the bitch, but a very worthy veteran.

Jay Horgan

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