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Dog show awards

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Showing a dog is a competitive hobby and there are awards and prizes for you and your dog to aim for. The following is a list of awards that are on offer for your dog, dependent upon the type of activities and events that your dog takes part in, whether it is a show, a trial or a competition.
Junior Warrant
The Junior Warrant is an award which a dog can achieve through winning certain awards at Open and Championship shows, when the dog is between 6 and 18 months of age. Also a Junior Warrant enables your dog to gain a Stud Book Number. Once achieved you may enter your dog at shows with the title JW.

In 2018 the Junior Warrant award will run under a brand new scheme. Puppies born on or after 1st July 2017 must use the new system. Puppies born prior to 1st July can use either scheme. This exciting new rebrand of the scheme means that there will be more points to be won at open shows but fewer dogs to beat to gain the points. For further information please see the links below: 

If you have any further queries regarding the Junior Warrant please contact the Awards Department on 01296 318540 ext 1269 or email: canine.activities@thekennelclub.org.uk.

Junior Warrant Winner of the Year Competition
This Competition has its annual Grand Final at Crufts for details and eligibility, follow the link here or contact the Awards Department via 01296 318540 ext 1269 or email: canine.activities@thekennelclub.org.uk.
Show Certificate of Merit
The Show Certificate of Merit is an award which a dog can achieve through winning certain awards at General and Group Open shows and must obtain a total of 25 points. 

As well as the rebrand of the Junior Warrant, the Show Certificate of Merit has also had one. As of January 2018 exhibitors will be allowed to start claiming points for the Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx) which will replace the Show Certificate of Merit. Although exhibitors can start to collect the points during 2018 they will need to wait until 2019 to claim the award. Points earned under the old system will not be able to be transferred/combined to the new system. For further information please see the links below: 

If you have any further queries regarding the Show Certificate of Merit please contact the Awards Department on 01296 318540 ext 1269 or email:

NEW AWARD - Veteran Warrant 
A brand new award which will be available to apply for from 1st January 2019 is the Veteran Warrant (VW). The Veteran Warrant is for dogs aged 7 years and over with points only available at open shows from AV Veteran Classes. This fantastic new award will form part of a range of awards available to a dog throughout its showing career. Points may only be claimed for dogs aged seven years or over on the first day of the show. For further information please see the links below: 

NEW AWARD - Open Show Winners title
From 1st January 2019 the Open Show Winners title (OSW) will be awarded to exhibitors which have gained the revised JW and the new ShCEx.  This impressive new award will entitle exhibits to add an additional title to the front of the dogs name on its Kennel Club record. For further information please see the links below: 
Open Show Winners title Qualification Process   
Open Show Winners Title FAQs  

Stud Book
In 1880 the Kennel Club's Committee introduced a system of universal registration of the dog's name, which is continued to this day.  The Regulations for entries in the Stud Book (Reg. K.1) detail the criteria required for each discipline. Note: a Stud Book number is achieved when either a dog wins a Stud Book qualifying award at a Championship Breed show or achieves a Junior Warrant.
Stud Book bands are subject to change, and should be checked for any changes each January.
It should be noted that if your dog gains a Stud Book number this will automatically be sent to you within 6-8 weeks from the date of the show.
A Stud Book number qualifies your dog for Crufts.
Title of Champion
Dogs can achieve the level of champion in each of the activities; Agility, Bloodhound Trials, Breed, Field Trials, Obedience and Working Trial. The requirements to become a Champion are listed in the Reg. K.2 Kennel Club Year Book. Being a Champion is the highest award a dog can gain and they are awarded to the very best of healthy dogs, and a dog must always be Fit for Function: Fit for Life
Irish Kennel Club Green Star status
Under the Irish Kennel Club qualifications for Champions - each point is equivalent to a Challenge Certificate when calculating eligibility for classes at  Kennel Club licensed events.  Also a 5 point Green Star awarded  under the previous Irish Kennel Club system  is equivalent to a Challenge Certificate.  For example if a dog has been awarded a 5 point Green Star under the old system and been awarded one point under the new system this dog has the equivalent of two Challenge Certificates.
It should also be noted that when calculating eligibility for classes at Kennel Club licensed shows, a CAC or a CACIB is also the equivalent to a Challenge Certificate.
For further details on the Irish Kennel Club Champion qualifications please refer to the Irish Kennel Club